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Clients are not numbers. They are people. And people make connections by developing meaningful relationships. When we work with your organization, we bring these principles of fostering relationships, acting with integrity, and promoting knowledge. Our Vision is part of the way we work - To create a safer aviation system.

IS-BAO audit auditor 30W

IS-BAO Audits 

Audits do not have to be an unpleasant event - let us show how helpful and beneficial an audit can be to your organization. We offer all Stages of IS-BAO audits and conduct audits worldwide. Competitive and fair pricing with professional and trustworthy auditors. 

IS-BAH Audits 

Want a comprehensive, boutique audit atmosphere at a competitive price? An audit with us offers these qualities with an accredited, professional audit team. Audits can be beneficial and a learning environment with the right auditors - we have the right stuff!

IS-BAH audit auditor 30W
SMS Accountable Executive Training 30W

SMS Training for Accountable Executives

Different from other SMS Training, this one-of-a-kind training is specifically for Accountable Executives and can be conducted onsite with your team maximizing time management and minimizing operational disruption.

Audit Preparation for IOSA, IS-BAH, and IS-BAO

We can provide audit preparation and GAP Analysis for a number of different Audit Standards, including IOSA, IS-BAH, and IS-BAO. Whether you are new to a Standard, or preparing for a renewal certification, we can help you prepare so that your next audit is seamless and successful.  


Flight-Specific Risk Audit

Personalized audits to evaluate your upcoming flight. We evaluate risk, safety, aircraft, maintenance, pilots, and the operator. Taking a sightseeing or business flight? A Flight-Specific Risk Audit can provide you with the data you need. Ideal for film productions, VIP and business charters, sightseeing flights, school and sports travel, mining flights, and more.

FOQA / FDM  Data Analysis

We have years of experience in reviewing and setting up FOQA/FDM in airlines, business, and general aviation. We can help you to use your data as a beneficial piece of your SMS.

30W aviation safety solutions

Manual Review and Conformity

We review your manual suite for consistency, conformity, and standardization to Standards, regulations, and industry-best practice. Need a manual template? We can assist your organization to determine the most cost beneficial solution for your needs.

Safety Training

We have developed specific, topic-centric safety training to compliment your next Safety Meeting or Stand-down. Topics range from Winter Weather, Safety Culture, Safety Management Systems, Accident and Incident Investigation (including Annex 13), Altitude Awareness, Fatigue Risk Management, Ground Handling Risks and Mitigations, and CRM/Crew Synergy.

Aircraft Cockpie Safety Training 30W aviation
30W consulting


Contact us for comprehensive, boutique safety solutions that are custom developed to fit your aviation organization. We have helped airlines, ground handling operations, airports, business/charter operators, cargo operators, flight training organizations, maintenance facilities, drone/UAV operators, and more.

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What Our Clients Say

Joseph Kline, G650 Captain/Safety Officer

Group Holdings Aviation 

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"From our initial contact with Allison, it was apparent that she was honest, considerate, and very experienced in the IS-BAO protocols and audit process. Our audit was efficient and as pleasant as an audit can be. Ms. Markey was punctual and thorough, as well as fair and balanced. She exhibited a high degree of knowledge regarding IS-BAO standards, in addition to her understanding of how a professional flight department should operate. She provided a valuable independent assessment of our strengths, in addition to well received recommendations of areas of improvement. "
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