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Allison Markey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


A Bit About Me

I have worked in aviation safety since graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science. Since then, I have obtained a wealth of aviation knowledge in flight operations and safety through 25 years of employment at air and ground operators, including airline, ACMI, corporate/business, and general aviation. Being a pilot myself, I can speak your language!


I am an auditor of IS-BAO, IS-BAH, and IOSA and have conducted audits in every continent of the world! My audit philosophy is simple: If you are not smiling and having a good time by the end of the audit then I am not doing my job. My auditor style is different from most, but I have had countless organizations proclaim that their interaction with me was the best audit they ever had (even when they had a few findings). Perhaps being different is a good thing! I am not an easy auditor, though, but I am fair and always professional. I will always listen and never act like I am the all knowing in any area. As professionals, we are always learning and gaining knowledge. You can trust an audit with me will be a positive experience!

Operating globally, I have conducted over 160 audits and audit preparatory work, including audits of airlines, ground handling operations, airports, business / charter operators, private/VIP operators, cargo operations, flight training organizations, maintenance facilities, and regulatory audits for both the FAA and EASA. I have also served as the elected Chair of the IS-BAH Standards Board (2018-2023) and have been influential in improving the IS-BAH audit standard and promoting the IS-BAH program throughout the world. This international leadership position fostered relationships with international agencies and aviation professionals.


My expertise includes development and implementation of emergency response plans. I have developed full emergency response programs for international airlines, including drills and partial activations. In addition to ERP development for business aviation and ground handling facilities, I have provided training in crisis management and accident investigation. Airlines, business/private aircraft operators, ground handling service providers, and airports have benefited from in-depth Go Team and emergency response post-holders training that I have presented. This training is specialized and demands a unique level of competence and expertise for this critical component of an aviation organization's SMS. One of the biggest areas of preparation are table top and emergency response drills. I have planned, delivered training on, and assisted directly in conducting response drills for aviation enterprises worldwide.

Since its inception in aviation, I have facilitated the development, implementation, and sustainment of Safety Management Systems (SMS) for a broad spectrum of businesses. One of the most important components of SMS is training. 30W workshops teach how to make a SMS work positively for organizations and not against them. My belief is no one SMS solution is the golden ticket, it takes training, culture, and continuous improvement to reap the safety benefits. 


I have been honored to have research and articles featured by IFALPA, Royal Aeronautical Society, Flight Safety Foundation, International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI)ALPA's "Air Line Pilot" magazine, and several travel magazines and newspapers. In 2021, I received the International Society of Safety Professionals Eagle Talon award for leadership contributions to safety.


I live in the beautiful state of Maine and enjoy travelling, gardening, cooking/baking, and skiing.  

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